A day off…

Well sorta πŸ˜‰ We started out by sleeping in (that extra hour means so much) okay well the kids were up but they kindly stayed quite so mama & baby could sleep πŸ™‚ I decided that they deserved a special treat…hot chocolate for breakfast?? Oh why not! In the living room?? Sure! While watching The Little’s?? I guess so!

Finn stuck with the usual peaches πŸ˜‰

I even snuck in a few rows while still in my pjs πŸ™‚

It was a nice to surprise to walk in and see this (I heard giggles and assumed they were up to no good)…

We decided to do some painting now that Finn loves it too!

Of course while trying to help the big kids…Finn got into the water and yikes it was a MESS :0

Brennan decided to paint a picture of himself with his teachers πŸ™‚

Ella went with a self-portrait πŸ™‚

To be honest I couldn’t decide if I should just end my post here and say look what a great fun day we had or share the parts of our day the photos don’t show…our life LOL! Soooo here it goes…shortly after serving the hot chocolate B complains it’s gross, E reminds me how much she dislikes these marshmallows & F starts screaming for the hot chocolate & marshmallows he can’t have. I think I had knit about 3 stitches at this point πŸ˜‰ We finally got over that hump and I started cleaning up from breakfast when I found them playing with the cars (so cute for the moment) of course that ended in tears as well (as most things do these days). Okay lets move onΒ who wants to paint?? It was fun for a while but I gave E a few suggestions for her portrait and I “ruined” the whole thing…lol. It was a disaster in more ways than I could have imagined….and did you see our table! At the end of the day I need to gently remind myself that this is life and nothing is perfect (even though a photo can sure make it look that way). On our way to teacher meetings this afternoon B says from the back seat “mom today was best of all the days of my life” and in all honesty we had a great day. These kids are growing up so fast these are the days I want to remember…someday I will sure miss these messy little fingers at the kitchen table!


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