It’s been a while…

Things have been super busy these last few weeks and blogging fell to the bottom of the list again…oops. Well I’m back and hope to have more time to blog!

We had a nice simple Mother’s Day last weekend….the kids woke me up with the Mother’s Day song (sung to the tune of Happy Birthday) and showered me with homemade cards 🙂 We headed to the Arboretum for a picnic lunch with Omie & Fred and had a great time! The weather was just perfect and the kids were so happy to be outside.

Finn Loved playing in the water and throwing the rocks…

I have been trying to really my afternoons with Finn before Summer break comes….Finn’s favorite time of the day is snack time 🙂


He also LOVES anything to do with water….even washing wool 😉

I have always sorta loved wool washing day but this time it was extra fun to see all my handmade knits together on the drying rack 🙂

In knitting news I finally finished knitting Finn’s shorties (just in time for it to get cold again…lol). I made 3 pairs thinking that would be enough but I think he may need another pair or two…yikes little boys get SOOOO dirty!

I have also been trying to empty my project basket so I have room for my new projects….so far I finished this Big Lace Scarf for my grandma for Mother’s Day…

This felted iPhone purse

And made some progress on my Shalom 🙂

How do I have time to knit…well I possibly let Finn color on my patterns 😉


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