Fun with dye & yarn :)

Okay it’s official I’m obsessed with dying yarn…lol! I love it from the very first step until the very last step (um did I mention I am in LOVE) 😉 So I thought I would give you all a peak at what goes into this process…

I start by soaking the yarn in a vinegar bath, then comes the super fun part of creating the colors…note to self (start measuring and writing these down) because right now I could never make the same color twice…although maybe that is part of the fun 😉


I didn’t take any photos while dying the yarn (my hands were a bit busy) but I used the hand panted method and the heated in the microwave for 6 minutes (heat for 2, cool for 1, repeat). Then onto the drying rack it goes…

Once the yarn is dry it’s time to wind (sorry no photo) & re-skien the yarn (with a little help from my niddy noddy) 🙂

Yay awesome handpainted yarn 🙂


Time to knit!


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