a perfect day…

Brad took the day off so we could do something fun as a family (hoping to make it a perfect day) whatever that means with 3 kids…lol! We had lots of ideas but they all sounded exhusting, expensive & impossible with a toddler. So we decided we didn’t need to do anything huge to enjoy our time together….we headed out early (without any tears) if I remember correctly 😉 Our kids love to play tennis (we are all are pretty bad) okay Brad is better than the rest of us but still we are a pretty funny group to watch. We had the most perfect weather and everyone had a BLAST I mean like a whole 1.5 hours of tennis fun (even Finn enjoyed it)! Once we all had enough we headed to the big hill at the park to try out our kites (a gift from a year or two ago) and although it wasn’t very windy it was still fun 🙂 We walked to our favorite local pizza shop and brought lunch home for a special movie afternoon (while Finn took a much needed 2.5 hour nap). Overall it was a perfect day spent together, making memories, strengthening bonds and one we will all remember.



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