Happy 2nd Birthday :)

Our baby turned 2 last week and it’s been very bittersweet for me….it has been amazing to watch him grow into the little person he is today but it also seems very real that we no longer have a “baby” 😦 We had a last minute simple little celebration with the kids and surprised Finn with a HUGE bear (something I would normally NEVER buy) but he is in LOVE with a kidsong video that features a HUGE bear named Humbear so we decided to do it and WOW was he in LOVE which made it pretty worth it in the end 😉 Happy Birthday to our sweet little Finn!



We also bought him mini marbles (his favorite things these days)…



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3 responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday :)

  1. Robin

    That bear is huge!! Happy 2nd bday! LOVE the banner!!!

  2. betherly

    I can’t believe Finn is two! Didn’t you just give birth to him the other day? I want a teddy bear like that!

  3. FredJoyce

    F> Love the pictures. The bear is fantastic!

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