pickles & jam

Last weekend we decided to give pickle making a try and it was so much fun!

We started by heading out to our local farmers market for some organic pickling cucumbers….

We found a pretty good deal (with free dill included) 😉

Of course it took a bit longer than planned as I had lots of little hands wanting to help 🙂


We made quick refrigerator pickles with a bunch of mixed recipes and I learned I don’t love apple cider vinegar….but they are still pretty tasty! We also made these cool cukes: quick & easy ferments from the tigress in a pickle blog and I can’t wait to try them in 3 weeks 🙂

Her other blog tigress in a jam inspired me to give canning a try! So we started with raspberry jam….I think I’m hooked now & can’t wait to make something else!! Oh and our jam turned out pretty great 😉


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  1. FredJoyce

    You bet the jam is good….we’ve been enjoying it daily 🙂 Are you taking requests?

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