Snack Bags & A Giveaway!

We have NEEDED snack bags for a long time but sewing them just never seemed to make the to do list…lol! Well I finally did it mads LOTS of snack bags for my kids and for LOTS of gifts 😉 It took a few tries to get the “perfect” bag but I really like these and so far they have been a huge hit with the kids. I was thinking of giving a set away here on the blog if there is interest?? Leave a comment and share what your family does to be green & I will pick a winner at random 🙂





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12 responses to “Snack Bags & A Giveaway!

  1. sarah dalessandro

    these are amazing! love the idea and the prints & patterns are even cuter! well we arent the greenest of families but we DO cloth diaper (even though he gets a little wet):) baby marco doesnt seem to mind! i just love knowing that im doing something green for the planet and my baby!

  2. Sarah Glynn

    Love those snack bags! We do water bottles and snack bags, too. And bring bags to the store.

  3. Brad Dame

    Are immediate family eligible? I wash cloth diapers and encourage a compulsive knitter. I also am not above bribery. I’m not saying I will definitely walk 16 blocks for Donut Vault donuts, but I’m not saying I won’t either.

  4. Robin

    Those bags are ADORABLE!!!
    I asked my kids what we did that was sustainable and they said: We shop at thrift stores, and pass on and recycle clothes. We have goats and chickens and we cloth diaper.
    How FUN!

  5. Leigh

    I love the prints particularly the mushroom. What did you line them with?

  6. Jayme

    Love these! We just made sandwich wraps but I haven’t had time or energy or whatnot to get to snack bags. We have a nearly paperless kitchen, use reusable shopping bags, cloth diaper etc. We also shop a lot second hand which is partly green and partly just cheaper!

  7. mary

    These are really cute! We use reusable snack containers and water bottles. We did cloth diapers and get most clothes hand-me-down or thrift. We use junk mail for art projects and make soup stock out of veggie stems, onion skins, etc. It still feels like an insane amount of garbage leaves our house!

  8. you are so clever. maybe a knit pants giveaway next ;0) and lovely blogs and beautiful photographs. oh, compost, but you know that!

  9. Carrie

    What we do to be green: recycle, use own grocery bags, re useable lunch containers, natural personal and household cleaners, cloth diaper….


  10. Nice job!!! Those look great! I feel like we do a lot to be green- compost and vermicompost, eat organic as much as possible, use green cleaners, cloth diaper, breastfeed, to name a few. 😉

  11. Oh, such a cool idea! We recycle everything we can, walk and take public transit everywhere (we don’t own a car and only rent one a few times a year), and I’m buying as much of our food locally as possible. I love that the local dairy and produce lasts a lot longer too.

  12. We use fabric shopping bags, cloth diapers, wash cloths instead of paper towels, make our own shampoo and I don’t even remember so many other things.

    These look so cute!!!

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