Knitting Update…

It’s been a while so here it goes 😉 I’ve been knitting like crazy trying to make sure all kids have knit hats and empty out my WIP basket so I can start on holiday gifts…so far so good!

I finished all 3 hats just in time for our first freezing day 🙂

Finn’s is the Living Crafts Child’s Hat so sweet, simple & keeps his neck and ears warm!


Brennan’s is one of the Kim’s Hat patterns that I have LOVED forever 🙂


Ella’s is the Swirl Hat that I had to make twice as the first was to small….it was totally worth it!


I finished a few cowls for myself, 1 for a friend and a few are still on the needles as I am totally addicted to knitting them 🙂



I also finished my first adult size sweater!!! I’m super excited even though it was very simple and has no sleeves but still…it’s a sweater 🙂 The pattern is the Shalom and so simple and easy for a first big sweater… No action shots for this as a full body picture is SOOO not my thing right now 😉


And my basket is still full…



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4 responses to “Knitting Update…

  1. Robin

    So fun to see all the knitting! You’ve got some yarn I noticed on ravelry that I’m totally coveting!! :o)

  2. and i’ll take one of those cowls pretty please and thank you very much! :0) all very lovely…

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