Knitaversary :)

Well today is my knitaversary….1 year ago today I entered my first knitting project on Ravelry and I don’t think that a day has gone by that I haven’t knit (even if it’s just a few stitches). I have to say I LOVE knitting!!! So in the past year I have knit over 70 items :0 I thought I would post some photos of them and thank everyone who helped me along the way, gave me the push when I wanted to give up & to my super supportive husband who puts up with my constant knitting, knitting chatter, yarn talk, watches the kids while I go to knitting group and much more (I LOVE you….even more than knitting) 🙂

My first project…
















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3 responses to “Knitaversary :)

  1. Jayme

    You are amazing! Beautiful work.

  2. Veronica

    Wow! 70 projects in one year! That is fabulous! Beautiful!

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