handmade holiday :)

This year I had every intention of starting my holiday crafting in July but of course July came and went and other things came up and I didn’t want to think about the LONG list I had come up with for this year….so I forgot about it. Yes instead I waited until Thanksgiving and then fell into a panic making charts and timelines trying to figure out a way to get it all done…lol.   Mid December I had to make a choice and it was so hard for me to let go of my original ideas and make a more realistic list. I realized my time with my family was more important than them having a crazy, crabby mama. So I sat down and really thought hard of what were simple quick things to craft….tee shirts, bracelets, and yes scrap books I started a long time ago (I just never finished) perfect!!

I found and old boring shirt in each kids drawer and pulled out some of my favorite fabrics 🙂

And created a few simple tees!


I already had started doll longies for Finn to match his so I just finished those and added a little hat 🙂


I made this little knit cat a while back and everyone wanted it…so decided it would be for Brennan! Ella got a few knit bracelets that only took an hour from start to finish 🙂


Then for the scrap books….I found the idea here on Todays Mama the tutorial was written by Emily Falconbridge  🙂 I started these right after Finn was born and well never finished….well they are still not finished but I made a bit of progress in each book and ta-da a Christmas present 😉




In the end they each ended up with a simple little mama made bundle under the tree…

I did manage to make each of the kids teachers a cowl & peppermint bark 🙂

A “Bears” hat for Fred 🙂


Toasty mitts for my mom 🙂

For my Grandma I ended up making a lap quilt (the easy pre-cut way)…I had to give it to her without the binding but she seems to love it 🙂


I also finished this Shalom for my aunt (my uncle gave it to her for Christmas) 🙂

In the end everyone did get something homemade even if I did have to ditch the original list 🙂

Oh and I even got my holiday cards done (it still counts if they are mailed in Jan) right?



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2 responses to “handmade holiday :)

  1. all so great. they scrapbooks are perfect – something your kids will be forever grateful for!

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