“work” time :)

So we are in the third week of having a set “work time” in the morning and I think we are both loving every moment! Finn has been very excited each day to try a new “work” and just explore his new space 🙂 It seems like 45 minutes is the magic number any longer and he starts to lose focus….I think it is a perfect amount of time for a toddler. I have been moving slowly letting him choose the works he wants sometimes reminding him it’s fun to try something new (otherwise he would stick to the ball sorting & beans) 😉

Some of these items can be purchased from my Etsy store if you are interested and some are from a few of my favorite shops (links below)!

Some of the works he can choose from…

Chalkboard, Matching Colors, Playsilks

Ball Sorting, Memory Game, Counting Ladybugs, Peg People, Wooden Letters

Sorting balls is his favorite so far (yay)! He started using his fingers but after about a week he moved on to using the scoop 🙂



He says counting ladybugs is a little bit hard…lol.

He loves his peg family 🙂


I was surprised how good he is at the memory game…we don’t use the whole set only about 6-10 cards at a time 🙂


And the beans are by far the most fun! We could spend hours pouring, singing, making soup, hiding our hands and the list goes on 🙂


We also tried to organize the art cabinet so he has easy access to crafts…top shelf for the older kids, middle for Finn and the bottom is for everyone 🙂

Finn’s art “works” include stamps, stickers, modeling wax…


He also has his paints ready to go 🙂

So far his favorites are painting

and stamping…

I think my favorite thing has been watching him learn each new skill and seeing how proud he is once he has done it. Laying out and rolling up his rug has been one of the cutest things by far 🙂




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2 responses to ““work” time :)

  1. omg that is awesome. he will be star student for sure next year :0) and maybe you can be a teacher’s assistant and look after our little guys!

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