our home : getting organized

Well Spring is in the air and that means Spring Cleaning!! I think I have been driving this whole house mad with all my lists of what we can clean, organize, get rid of and the lists go on and on and on 😉 The whole family has been really great about pitching in (yes there were some tears) but mostly a feeling a relief and we turn our home into better place!

As usual we started with the messiest more frustrating room…yes Ella & Brennan’s. It took hours to sort through everything and figure out a way for them to enjoy the space without feeling overwhelmed. So we estimated lots of baskets and lots of books, toys and things that were not being used and I think it is pretty perfect for them now 🙂


This area was overflowing with books and random items so a bit of getting rid solved the problem pretty quickly 🙂

We also tried to make the bathroom a bit better for Finn in hopes that potty training is right around the corner 😉


I have LOTS of new books to read and I am hoping this house will stay clean so I have a bit of extra time to read 🙂



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4 responses to “our home : getting organized

  1. I love the new sorting in E & B’s room! it’s an inspiration to start shedding ‘stuff” even before packing begins.

  2. mfalcigno

    I love how you organized the bookshelf. It looks inviting! I hope you guys are well.

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