in the kitchen : green

Last week we didn’t do a ton of cooking…I think making “green” smoothies every morning is taking lots of my kitchen energy! Green seemed to be the color in our kitchen…lots of spinach going into smoothies, pickles & pasta with pesto cream sauce 🙂

I have been craving homemade pickles for a while & the kids LOVE them so we made a quick batch and they turned out really yummy! The kids ate a whole jar one day after school…lol. Lucky we have 2 more jars in the fridge 😉

We decided to try another recipe from  The Pioneer Woman  and as usual Finn was right by my side willing to lend a hand 🙂


Such a great green…

All of the kids LOVED this…yay!

While I was cleaning up the kitchen I heard Finn talking to his baby…asking him “what can I cook for you” and this was the seen I found. So sweet he set everything up all by himself…so I tried to sneak a few photos without being seen 🙂



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