I’m Back :)

Yay finally after almost a month without Internet we have it back (at least for the moment) lol! As most of you already know we moved…it’s been a crazy month but we are finally starting to feel at home here in the new place 🙂 I packed my camera away during the few crazy weeks and just used my phone…so excuse the iPhone photo overload but here is what we have been busy with these past few weeks!

Packing…packing…and more packing


Moving day…



Welcome home 🙂

Brad took a 2 week vacation from work (only time he has done this other than each time I have a baby) so we really tried to enjoy it and take a break from unpacking here and there 🙂






4th of July Parade…


Spent some time knitting…funny how much extra time I have when the Internet is out….



REALLY enjoying dinners on the deck!!

Helped Omie in her yard & with a Hudson bath 🙂



Made about 12 loaves of Zucchini bread with those prize garden Zucchini’s 🙂


Trying to break in our new kitchen…




and having LOTS of FUN with friends 🙂



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