christmas morning : 2012

It’s been a while and I have lots to catch up on but for now I will do Christmas 🙂 I guess I’ll start with the second tree (yes we needed to get another because tree #1 died)  very sad but in all honesty tree #2 was bigger and better!!

Brad took the Friday before Christmas off work (yes the kids were in school) and we spent the whole day last minute shopping, getting the new tree set up and wrapping the gifts…it was a great day!

This was the first year we didn’t stay up all night Christmas eve wrapping presents and actually were able to enjoy it all 🙂 Of course the kids were up at a crazy hour and poor Brad hung out with the big kids so Finn & I could sleep in until 7 (thanks hun)!!


All Finn wanted was a blue guitar and he LOVED it!


Brennan’s wish list was easy this year….to join a basketball team & a doctor set 🙂


Ella’s was a bit um different….crutches (yes crutches) 😉

They all loved every present….



The handmade gifts this year were a bit less than in past years (it was all I could manage)…..but they really loved them 🙂

For Finn a scrappy Malabrigo Lyalya Hoodie….


For Brennan a pair of fingerless mitts

And for Ella a Christmas Cat….

The best part was once the gifts were opened and the kids all went their owns ways for bit and the house was peaceful (in all honesty it was probably only 2.5 minutes) lol 😉

Perfect ending to the morning was a big Christmas breakfast 🙂



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2 responses to “christmas morning : 2012

  1. crutches? that is hilarious. wish i had known – would have passed andy’s to you. we had a walker too ella probably would have loved ha! and your homemade gifts are beautiful and perfect. love the little puzzle. in your shop? i would like to buy one for oliver.

    • cuties02q

      Thanks Chelsea 🙂 lol she is a silly girl and yes would probably love a walker too! The puzzle was actually from land of nod last year…it really is cute.

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