finn : a bonus day

Last Friday Finn wasn’t feeling 100% he had been up coughing over the night, screaming about anything & everything and just needed some extra rest… at the last second I decided to keep him home from school. I had a few stops to make and he was such a great helper (sometimes I forget how differnt it is to just have 1 child) even if it’s only for a few hours. We had the most wonderful day of snuggles, snacks, books, naps and just the extra time we needed together. I am so grateful Finn goes to such an amazing school with amazing teachers but I realized on Friday how much I miss my little buddy….so maybe a bonus day here and there isn’t a terrible idea 😉




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handmade holiday : kids

After a few requests by my mom for something handmade from the kids this year…we decided to make these for the grandparents 🙂 It was actually really fun and I thought they turned out really awesome!


The kids also decided they wanted to make their teachers gifts this year…so perfect! I am so proud to have such thoughtful, creative little people around this house and so honored to be their mom.

Brennan painted his teachers flowers…

Finn did a bit of sewing (his new favorite thing)…


And Ella finger knit her teacher a scarf…

We also made them brown butter snickerdoodles 🙂

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christmas morning : 2012

It’s been a while and I have lots to catch up on but for now I will do Christmas 🙂 I guess I’ll start with the second tree (yes we needed to get another because tree #1 died)  very sad but in all honesty tree #2 was bigger and better!!

Brad took the Friday before Christmas off work (yes the kids were in school) and we spent the whole day last minute shopping, getting the new tree set up and wrapping the gifts…it was a great day!

This was the first year we didn’t stay up all night Christmas eve wrapping presents and actually were able to enjoy it all 🙂 Of course the kids were up at a crazy hour and poor Brad hung out with the big kids so Finn & I could sleep in until 7 (thanks hun)!!


All Finn wanted was a blue guitar and he LOVED it!


Brennan’s wish list was easy this year….to join a basketball team & a doctor set 🙂


Ella’s was a bit um different….crutches (yes crutches) 😉

They all loved every present….



The handmade gifts this year were a bit less than in past years (it was all I could manage)…..but they really loved them 🙂

For Finn a scrappy Malabrigo Lyalya Hoodie….


For Brennan a pair of fingerless mitts

And for Ella a Christmas Cat….

The best part was once the gifts were opened and the kids all went their owns ways for bit and the house was peaceful (in all honesty it was probably only 2.5 minutes) lol 😉

Perfect ending to the morning was a big Christmas breakfast 🙂


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holiday fun : a weekend of decorating

We spent the weekend getting the house all ready for the holiday’s and it was pretty great! We of course needed something special to eat during all this decorating…so we hit Glazed and Infused before getting our tree 😉




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life : a sad day

On Sunday we woke up to find that over the night one of our guinea pigs had died. Jeremiah the big brown one had been doing just fine as far as we could tell but I guess it was just his time to go 😦  It was so hard to see how much pain the death of this little animal could bring to a 10 year old girl. There were lots of tears shed by all of us, letters written by the big kids and a few simple words said as a final goodbye. We will miss you sweet little friend!

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halloween : fun with friends

We had a wonderful Halloween with friends & family this year 🙂 Trick-or-Treating in the new neighborhood with friends, dinner and LOTS of candy!!!

This year Finn was Green Guy, Brennan was the popular Captain America and Ella was the famous Katy Perry. Yep they are getting older and I don’t get to pick the costumes anymore…lol!!





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sewing : toddler style

I found out on Friday that Finn is the only 3 year old in his class without a pillow & blanket for nap time (yes I feel terrible and totally dropped the ball on this one) but all I can say is he really is a 3rd child…LOL!! So we set out to find the perfect “RED” pillow and blanket this past weekend and it was a total fail…nothing red anywhere. So since I was feeling a bit guilty about all of this anyway I took my little Finn to the fabric store to pick out the perfect blanket material. It didn’t take him long to find something “RED” that he LOVED!!! We worked together & he is so so happy with the finished project (and I think a earned a few extra mommy points on this one). I just love that at 3 he already has his own style 🙂


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